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Recipe; French Toast
Jumaat, Mac 06, 2015 | 12:50 PG | 2 comments
Hello there and peace be upon to you.

Today I am gonna to share a simple DIY recipe that I got from Twitter. Yeah you know I recently more lepak at that social network, simply because I think that I gain a lot from that site.

Allright, just proceed shall we?

OH YE one add information, I just called it DIY half-cooked-egg-with-cheese-and-tomatoes bread (lol list of the ingredient obviously) because I just don't know what to call it. I thought it was an experimental recipe. When I posted out this photo, @nabilah simply called it French Toast. Lerr resipi Perancis ke. Well it is just my story, no need feel bothered about the asal usul mak nenek this recipe. Come one, have a try! =)

FIRST AND FOREMOST, a recipe should come out with a list of ingredients.

 photo 20080605_470165.gifOne slice of bread (yeah of course it is toast bro)
 photo 20080605_470165.gifSpicy fried chicken (yesterday meal) ; isi ayam dicarik-carik
 photo 20080605_470165.gifAn egg with spicy vegetables ADABI
*you can add on cheese cicah or pepper if you want. Up to you. Bring it on!
 photo 20080605_470165.gifA few slices of tomatoes
 photo 20080605_470165.gifOil

Based on the list of ingredients, we can conclude that this meal is a complex meal. Because it contains  4 main nutrients which is carbohydrate (for bread), protein (egg and chicken), fat (oil) and vitamin A (tomatoes).

SECONDLY, put a little oil on the frying pan. Small fire is enough because frying doesn't required a big fire (api besar(?)).

I am pretty sure my readers are all good in cooking. You sure know how to predict the temperature of the pan so that it is suitable to fry the egg. HAHA. (ah terasa nak gelak jugak)

My tip is, we test it first. You can simply letak setitik zarah telur tu di atas kuali. If the frying pan has hot, we can see the liquid of egg turns milky white. So yeah we confidently pour the whole egg at the center in the bread hole.


No need to make the fire bigger just because you feel it will not fully cook. Oh btw, I am doing half-cooked egg. Telur separuh masak, you know? I am fond of half-cooked egg, proudly!

As you can see, the milky white egg can be detected. It means that the egg has been cooked half. 

NEXT, we need to flip the bread.


Haaa, the egg has fully cooked at the back. OK CAUTION AT THIS PART because in count of 3 seconds, you have to flip back the bread. We don't want the egg cooked fully am I right?
Unless you don't like half-cooked egg and yes you may wait it until it fully cooked.

WE NEARLY DONE WITH IT. Sow the carikan ayam goreng berempah.

FINALLY, sprinkle slices of tomato on that bread. Wahaha, look like a kid meal. Full of colours and flying colours. (=P)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, if you are a hot-tongue, you can squeeze chili sauce on it. Yiha, there you go FRENCH TOAST.

In my humble opinion and taste bud, I do really like this meal. I can say only one piece of bread is enough for you at anytime whether breakfast, light lunch, tea-time or even supper. When I bite it, I can feel the prosperity of egg and chicken, not forget to that fresh and cold; tomatoes. I'm lovin it.
I suggest you try it, even once.

Well, at this time being.. I usually enjoy this meal alone because my ummi dislike half-cooked egg. Furthermore, I usually made this toast when I extremely hungry while they don't. I just made this toast once for my sister for her breakfast. 

Haha actually I do have intention to bring this meal to school, yea to share it with my colleagues... but I do realize that it's preparation required a long time I can't deny.


Let me tell you a secret; I'll be taking my MUET exam tomorrow. This is the main reason why my post is in English. Wish me luck and thank you.

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