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Why should I wear watch on left-hand?
Ahad, Jun 23, 2013 | 3:52 PG | 2 comments
Ohhhh snap. Wait wait.. should I ask such this question?
Okay, let me know if I'm like kebajetan and oh-sebenaqnya-hang-fail-la-sepeking kahkah A.A.K and do I care? Yes I care. Caring is loving gituu.

Before doing something, we say?? Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Hee.

Haven't get into the main point, I usually have destraction-ke-nama-dia(?). Okay diam let's just get start. Bereh? Smile first because it's SUNNAH. Ahhh what a relieve when I know that I can sepiking actually.
Rileks + chill ja brader and sister. Do correct me if I'm wrong, ey?

I wanna share with you a fact. Yea, A FACT ONLY. A fact a day keep the jahil away. Jahil means 'don't know'. Naa, don't get me wrong. True, ilmu and knowledge made our brain cell grow and prevent us from 'kejahilan'.

Facts section for today:

Our brain is divided to 2 hemisphere, which is right-hemisphere and left-hemisphere. Let's check it out.

Deep tau gambar ni. Baik hampa enlarge dan baca betul. Nanti korang paham.
Sat sat...
deep ke???! T_T
Tapi kan.. i just like it. Simply it.

Did you know, our brain are only big as our two punch hand.

Left-brain: more to number, critical thinking (kot), experiment 
Right-brain: more to language, art, imagination

This is a definition in rough la eh. And our body part react in a crossway with our braind. Haha weiii paham ke idak ni penonton aku ni. Here the simple example; if we use our right hand to write then mostly our left-brain are been dominated used. Pergh gorengg je la. Fry it! Ahaa.

A motivator has told once, i called him Pak Njang. He told that actually we should wear watch on our right-hand. Geez. But mostly of us wear it on the left, am i right? Yea typical us and I know it~

Let say.... we wear watch on the left-hand side, so yeaaa our right brain is working. Cingcingcing. They imagine our watch..'weaa pretty pinky watch you have!' 'Ish ish ish one batu mutiara you tercabut from the original place la' 'Opss oh I know my master buy unoriginal watch' 'Ni apesal my master's watch didn't colourful like his friend's wakaka' and whatever 1001 our right-brain's monologue.

Something like no. Pak Njang's analogy. 
Is it because actually we have to wear it on right-hand. So our brain only interpret number, hour clock, 'ohh it almost the time!', 'when the bukak-puasa time?' and 'ahaa 15seconds more'. Got me, everibadi? Yieyy.


I with selamba kanggaru break this rules. I WEAR IT ON MY LEFT-HAND. Don't ask my brain what he thought of my watch.

WHYYY? Heyy don't you wanna feel want to ask? Oh ok despredo.

 photo 1z.gif. I'm not a kidal-person. Proudly right-hand! Mostly in writing. But in certain task, i would love to use my free left-hand because she's always take a nap and rest all day when I make essay. Ngihaha good face, little hand.

The main point is, the red watch on my left-hand didn't disturb my essay anyway! If not...haiyaa I feel my watch really menyemak and it makes I feel uneasy doing the notes.

Aiseh..where are all the idea fly. You believe you fly, hey dear idea?? It's okay..they wanna feel free, too. Maybe I'm just soo-mak-tiri ye. Pardon me, idea.

I think I should stop now. I have a test ekceli in a short while. Later if suddenly the idea came back to mama, I'll just edit this post. Tarappapa kan?

We end it with Alhamdulillah. Thanks people for layaaaan-je-la this sister. She's having a tatih-writing-in-English. Waaaa, at least I try. A lot of arigato for brader Aiman Azlan for this inspiring video! You should take a look.

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